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How JE is diagnosed?


JE/AES Case Definition

 Suspected JE case:

           Acute onset of fever not more than 7 days duration.


            Change in mental status which may be

      -New onset of seizures (excluding febrile seizures) or

      -Other early clinical findings –irritability, somnolence or abnormal behaviour greater than that seen with usual febrile illness

Laboratory confirmed JE case:

A suspected case with any one of the following markers:

  • Presence of JE virus specific lgM antibody in a single CSF sample or serum detected by IgM Capture ELISA specific for JE.
  • Detection of JE virus nucleic acid detection in blood, CSF or tissue by RT PCR or any other sensitive and specific NAAT
  • Detection of four fold or greater difference in lgG antibody titre in paired sera collected 14 days apart.
  • JE Virus isolation from brain tissue, CSF, serum, blood or plasma
  • JE Antigen detection by immunofluroscence