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The adult produces millions of very small immature larvae known as microfilariae, which circulate in the peripheral blood with marked nocturnal periodicity. The worms usually live and produce microfilariae for 5-8 years.

Adult Filarial Worms (Macrofilariae) inhabiting lymphatic system of man

Lymphatic filariasis is transmitted through mosquito bites.

The persons having circulating microfilariae are outwardly healthy but transmit the infection to others through mosquitoes.

The persons with chronic filarial swellings suffer severely from the disease but no longer transmit the infection.

" In India, 99.4% of the cases are caused by the species - Wuchereria bancrofti whereas Brugia malayi is responsible for 0.6% of the problem."

" In the adult stage, filarial worms live in the vessels of the lymphatic system. Lymphatic system is the network of lymph nodes and lymph vessels that maintains the fluid balance between the tissues and the blood which is an essential element of the body's immune defense system. "