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Progress towards ELF Since 2004 in India


Progress towards ELF Since 2004 in India

  • 2004: National campaign of Mass Drug Administration (MDA) with DEC - launched in 202 districts.

  • 2006: NTF recommended DEC+Albendazole in country.

  • 2007: MDA programme was further scaled up to cover all 256 districts
    • WHO increased donation of Albendazole
    • Medical colleges and ICMR/NCDC involved to assess
    • Financial allocation increased to Rs. 50-60 cr per annum
    • IEC/BCC intensified under overall NHM
  • 2013: Validation started through Transmission Assessment Survey (TAS)

  • 2016: Integration with NDD campaign (Feb & Aug)

  • 2018: 10th GALEF meeting held & launched Accelerated Plan of Elimination of Lymphatic Filariasis (APELF)

  • 2018: Triple Drug Therapy (IDA) i.e. DEC + Albendazole + Ivermectin in scheduled districts in phase wise manner.

  • 2019: Revision of financial norms for morbidity management of Lymphoedema Patient from Rs. 150 to Rs. 500
  • 2020 - Expansion of IDA (Domestic procurement of Ivermectin)

  • 2021 – Introduction of Block Level Strategy

  • 2022 - LF Symposium held on 13th January 2023 with launch of Strategic Action Plan and Mega launch of bi-annual MDA