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. NGOs supported under GFATM Intensified Malaria Elimination Project

Annexure-1 : Malaria Performance Framework to Round 9 Proposal Form

Annexure-2 : Strategic action plan

Annexure-3 :Annual Report 2008

Annexure-4 : Round 9 work plan

Annexure-5 : Round 9 Budget

Annexure-6 :


Annexure-8 :Training Modules and Curriculum for Different cadre of malaria staff

Annexure-9 : Human Resource

Annexure-10 : IDR_Mal

Annexure-11 : Joint Monitoring Mission Report

Annexure-12 :Technical & Management Assistance

Annexure-13 :Attachment B

Annexure-14 :National Health Policy 2002

Annexure-15 : Report of Working Group - Eleventh Five Year Plan


Annexure-17 :List of Districts in GFATM Round-9 Project